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Additional Areas of Practice Expertise



We've got an HIPAA compliant and secure EHR module that is powered by one of the leading software vendors in the industry. Highly customizable forms will help you to properly notate your patients charts with ease.  



Why do people always throw this term around and what does HIPAA actually mean to a medical professional or patient.  Bottom line, keeping personal information is paramount to protecting the confidentiality of your patients. You do have a responsibility in making sure that you employ best practices in order to keep your business safe.   


Client Portal for Submitting Charges and reviewing patient account balances

The same robust software that provides EHR will also allow you to submit charges to our office.  Whether you are in your office or sitting on a beach, as long as you have a connection to the internet, we can still be working together to get you paid.


PCI compliance...what in the heck is this?

If you accept credit cards in your office we can help guide you towards the best practices for handling the processing of this financial transaction and make sure that you are following the guidelines set forth by your credit card processor.  If you aren't compliant in your processes, you could be exposing critical financial data that could put you at risk. 


Online Patient Calendar and Appointment Reminders

Would you like your patients to be reminded of their appointments via phone, text or email?  Would you like your patients to confirm these appointments so you can better manage your calendar?  If the answer to either of  these questions is yes...then run, don't walk over to the phone and call HMS Midwest to get this system in place ASAP. 


CAQH, NPI and Pecos...Oh My

The acronym name game is strong in healthcare and knowing what each of these (and many more) organizations are & how they play a crucial role in your credentialing & contracting responsibilities.  We will help you maintain these profiles so that your information is always current & relevant. Reclaim all of the minutes of your day that are consumed with these required details.