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Our expertise is heavily rooted in the following specialties...

Behavioral Health 


Clinical NeuropsychologisTs

clinical Psychologists

Licensed Clinical Social workers

Licensed Professional Counselors

Licensed Marriage & Family therapists

Licensed Mental Health Counselors

All limited Licensed BH Providers

Physical Therapy

Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists

Physical Therapists





Nuclear Technicians



You guys have a great team. I’m thrilled you are part of us!

I completely rely on your guidance.

Thank you so much for your quick and efficient response.
This case is a mess and you handled it so beautifully.
I have been very fortunate to have your services for 20 years now! HMS Midwest helps me do what I do with clients. and the HMS Midwest team have been a significant part of my success as a business for 10 years.
Thank you for the excellent service
these last 2 years (prior to my retirement today)
Knowing I could always count on you to handle matters
professionally, courteously and accurately
is probably the main reason I even persisted until now.
I wish we had enlisted your services 5 years ago,